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We work with Accountants and Leaders to Transform Everyday Data to Business Insights so you make smarter decisions
by using Power BI features to help you do the work you already do more efficiently | 90% less effort than Excel

Clear Concise Information Delivered with Speed

Data from Finance Operations Marketing
Seamlessly Connected so you gain a dashboard with the metrics you need to make smarter decisions

Use Business Intelligence to understand which areas within the business you should focus on

We can build metrics, forecast and budgets with a < less than 3 months return on investment

Looking deeper tells another story… text in the below report.

Start with the fundamental metrics and add more as you go.

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At Analytics Realtime, we develop customised dashboards with performance metrics so the team stay focused on their targets. As they progress closer to the targeted result, they are further motivated to hit the target mark. As each milestone is reached, a celebration occurs. End result, fun and transparent workplace -  increased customer value - sustainable and profitable organisation.

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Cost Reduction

90% less effort than Excel. Replace Inefficient over complicated excel reports with FAST seamless, automated real-time data visualisation reports.

No more wasted effort exporting and putting together monthly reports.


Customised Dashboard

To the point , concise and with only the information you need.

Your teams will get easy to read business insights to make better informed decisions.

Real Time Reporting

Gone are the days of waiting for a report. When new data is entered in the system, the dashboard will change too.  It just happens.  Seamlessly!

Guess Work & Anxiety is Absent

Take Control by understanding the areas of your business you should focus on so you can now make the necessary corrective moves more quickly.

A Business Metric 

is a quantifiable measure business use to track, monitor and assess the success or failure of various business processes.  Will require the input of key stakeholders in the business as to which metrics matters to them.

Time Saver

Meetings continue but they focus on acting on the numbers versus unveiling them since information flows constantly real-time.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI in 60 Seconds

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Our Services

Analytics Dashboard

To help you can focus on your core activity leading the business

Daily you will get a data visualization report with the important information you need to take the business to the next level

We do all the back end work, while you get the results. Start with the fundamental metrics and add one or more new measure each month.

We will use data from many cloud data sources and reports are refreshed daily with the new data from the applications.


After the initial dashboard is developed, if you decide this is not for you, then there will simply be no charge.

On Boarding

You tell us what you want and we suggest some metrics too. You provide us with login detail to the data/programs. That’s it. We take it from there.  Within a few days, you will have your first dashboard to base decisions on.

All this remotely or face to face


Data seamlessly connected from Xero Accounting , Zoho CRM & Shopify

Perfect for Analysts or Accountants who would like to develop their own reports but need helping to get started.

We will build an efficient data model, that you will continue to use to create visual reports in Power BI Desktop.

  • No more going over the API limits.
  • Learn from an already built data model
  • Replace over complicated and time consuming excel reports with Power BI automated reports.
  • Return from investment < than 3 months
  • No more exporting data

On average it takes us 10 hours to build the Power BI model and all we need is an invite.

All this remotely or face to face





Implement Power BI from start to finish.  From Development through to rollout and adoption.

We use global best practice to implement Power BI in your business so you get the information you need to base decisions on and eliminate the overcomplicated excel reports

We will create the first dashboard together.

Within a few hours , you will walk away confidently with the knowledge you need to push forward to develop more business insights.




Automate Group Consolidation

We will consolidate data from the many accounting files onto the one report so you see how the group is performing.

The Power BI model we build, you continue to use to create many more visual reports.

You will get all raw data to create as many metrics to your heart is content

Xero     MYOB     Quickbooks   Sage

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Finance & Operations

All this remotely or face to face


Using existing data from the many sources in your business, a dashboard with important metrics you need to make the right decision is created.

You say goodbye to the overcomplicated time consuming excel reports.

Then the dashboard is shared with the authorised team members creating a constant flow of information and making all aware of their progress. All on cloud with access from anywhere and based on authority rules you set.

Next, Conversation between team members occurs regularly to make corrective moves towards reaching their target KPI’s .

The team is more focused and motivated to hit the target mark.

As each target is reached, a celebration occurs.

End result, fun and transparent workplace –  increased customer value – sustainable and profitable organisation.




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